As Lionsgate aimed to restart their groundbreaking horror franchise Saw, they needed a digital campaign that reinvigorated a dormant audience, moved away from the hook of “torture porn” to the psychological nightmare, and enticed a new generation of fans into joining the Saw universe.

Distinctly different from the other Saw movies, Jigsaw wasn’t exclusively about gruesome traps so much as fatal choices and consequences. Despite the new spin on a classic series, we had to make sure to engage core fans connecting this latest chapter to the legacy, and terrifying tone, that defined Saw from the beginning.

In addition to creating original content, I worked proactively with Lionsgate, managing all initiatives throughout the campaign, ensuring our content was compelling, and actively responding to diehard fans in John Kramer’s voice. 

Each post worked strategically to build the film’s mystique and welcome fans, old and new, into the role of disciples. And as Halloween approached, disciples hit the theaters in droves, pushing Jigsaw to open at number one at the box office.

The Philosophy of Jigsaw

One of the biggest components of the social campaign, this long-form video drew from all seven films in the Saw franchise showcasing a decade’s worth of traps and slayings reinvigorating the terror that horror fans have come to know and love.

This piece was a tremendous success generating over 350,000 views across Facebook and YouTube; 12,000 post reactions: and 2,000 shares.

Social Assets

Smaller short-form video content pieces played up 3D elements and were able to bring a new era of Jigsaw traps to life. A staple of any social campaign, countdown pieces informed fans how quickly the premiere was approaching.

Adding to the legacy of the Saw films, we wanted to take a comprehensive look at every trap, death, and game that transpired throughout the franchise. Our gruesome infographic showed fans the breadth of Jigsaw’s teachings throughout the years.

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